Product Overview

Products to be Sold
by Ethan Johnson

1.    Stacking Sushi Tray- These are basic stacking sushi trays. The simple design allows the pieces to be aesthetically pleasing by themselves and also as a group when not in use.

2.    Teacup- The second piece is a basic teacup. It is simple in design but has a good relationship between the lip and the foot.

3.    Sake Bottle- The bottle in image 3 is used for Japanese alcohol called sake. The neck is much slimmer than the belly of the piece to ensure a clean pour.

4.    Sake Cup- The cups in the next image go along with the sake bottle. These sake cups have unique designs that make them easy to hold with the exaggerated angles and bulb like foot.

5.    Teapot-The pot seen in image 5 is a teapot. It features an inner strainer as well as a large handle which makes it easy to hold and adds interest to the piece.

6.    Shigari-Yaki Sushi Plate- This is a Shigari Yaki plate which can be used for sushi or smaller meals. The raised edges help to contain the food but are not raised enough to contain liquids. It also has four separate feet on the bottom to give good support and also relate well to the shape of the plate.

7.    Water Pot- This form is simple and has a good handle to spout relationship. It is actually meant to hold water even though it looks like a teapot.

8.    Rice and Miso Bowls- The first bowl in image 8 has a wide foot for good support as well as a tall rim to contain a descent amount of food. It is mainly used for rice or soup. The second bowl is a Miso bowl. It contains Miso soup which is made from a stock called dashi. It contains dried sardines, kelp and fish. It also has a lid to keep the contents hot.

9.    Mochi Dessert Bowl- The next bowl is meant for desserts. It usually contains foods like mocha ice cream which is made from compacted rice with an ice cream filling.

10. Dividing Sushi Tray- This piece is another sushi tray. Its design is more complex than the first tray and has dividers in order to separate the sushi from sauces or wasabi.

11. Bento Box- Figure 11 is a bento box. It is a Japanese style lunch box. It holds single portion meals and makes it easy to take food to go. It usually contains rice, fish, and vegetables and separates them into their own sections.

12. Large Dinner Plate- The last image is a large dinner plate. It is used to serve large portions of food ranging from rice, to fish and vegetables.