Customer Relationships

What type of relationship does each customer segment expect us to establish and maintain with them?
Updates on products, news, and activities posted on the website.
The website will have an online gallery as well as an online ordering system.
Showroom will be accessible during storefront business hours.

Which ones have we established?
physical retail space, online retail, and wholesale options for product purchase.

How are they integrated with the rest of the business model?
This diversified approach will give the business different pathways for revenue generation.

How Costly are they?
Retail space and website costs are outlined in this blog.

 Personal assistance provided through gallery attendant as well as e mail system.
 Self service provide through online ordering system on the website.
 Automated service provided through updates via an e mail promotion list.
 Community service projects for promotion as well as creating connection in the community (empty bowls project)
Co-creation and design opportunities offered to customers through custom product segment.