Thursday, April 25, 2013

from the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Iga style tea ware flower vase with natural ash glaze from the National Museum in Tokyo Japan

Shino ware plate from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Odo ware tea bowl with design of heron and reeds  18th-19th century, Edo period  Stoneware with cobalt pigment under clear glaze 

Ido Period Tea bowl

Ido Period Kenzan Ware Teabowl

Kyoto Ware Tea Caddy fro the Edo Period

  Tea bowl in style of Korean punch'ong ware, unknown Raku ware workshop  mid 18th - mid 19th century      Edo period     Raku-type earthenware with white slip inlaid under clear, colorless glaze  H: 8.3 W: 12.5 cm   Kyoto, Japan 
Edo Period teabowl made in the style of Korean bunchong ware

Teabowl and saucer.  Japan. 1700. 

Edo Period teabowl and saucer with low temperature enameled decoration from the 1700s