Cost Structure

What are the most important costs inherent to our business model?
material cost associated with production
Rental cost of the production facility and retail gallery
Employee payroll
Utility costs(monthly)
Website maintenance

Which Key resources are most expensive?
material for production
Shipment and packing

Which key activities are most expensive?
Employee pay for production

Sample characteristics:

Fixed Costs -rent, material, employee pay, shipping, website
Variable costs -utilities
Economics of scale
Economics of scope
by Mary Gerlock
Shimpo VL-Whisper pottery wheel- $928.88 Each x4                               $3,715.52

    12” Diameter brown bat -$4.88 each x 90                                                                                                                                                                 $439.20

Kobalt Adjustable Shop Stool $34.97 x 4          $139.88

 Bailey DRD/ll Slab Rollers-

          DRD/ll 24” w/ 4 spoke handle (direct drive) -$496.00

          Optional upgrade standard round handle -$48.00

          DRD/ll 24”-48” Mobile table- $216.00

          Extra Canvas 24”-8’ - $25.60 x2  

Glaze Formulating Table 20 bins 10 on each side                                     $2,805.00

Allow $2,000.00 for Glaze materials                                                       $2,000.00

Pottery Tools

12 Piece potters tool set $28.95 each x 4                                               $115.80
Mainstays Essentials 4-Piece Set $16.97                                                 $16.97
Trash Cans

Rubbermaid 44-Gallon Gray Outdoor Garbage Can $41.88 x 4                  $167.52      
Behrens 6 Gallon Silver Indoor/ Outdoor Garbage can $15.98 x6              $95.88

 Black Gloss Acrylic Pedestal $267.04 x8                                                  $2136.32                   

$77.98 x5                                                                                                           $389.90

Work Table

9 - 2"x4"x8'
1 - 24"x48"x1"

2 1/2 inch screws

wood filler

wood conditioner

Four homemade tables costs about $300.00

 Olsen 16 Kiln Kit

Using 25 IFB- $4850.00

Using 26 IFB- $4985.00
Apple® - MacBook Pro® with Retina Display - 13.3" Display - 8GB Memory - 128GB

Flash Storage



Cost Research of a self built and maintained website
by Leslye Janes

Google Apps for Business:


*      Bring your own domain, use a complimentary address, or purchase one for $8 a year and includes an automatic email setup.

*      365.25 days of 24/7 service.

*      Guaranteed security provided by Bradford and Barthel law firm

*      Constant updating and saving your work in progress through Google servers, avoiding lost work in progress.

*      You own your data, and it’s contractual. You have the tools to help manage your entire site: Users, documents and servers. You can also keep track of usage and data on the dashboard.

*      No un-needed software to deal with.

*      A 99.9% uptime guarantee with disaster recovery.

*      Encrypted browser sessions with SSL for Apps that do not need VPNs or other infrastructures. This reduces the chance of hackers stealing valuable and private information. 

*      Having achieved ISO certification (an industry standard security evaluation certified by Ernst and Young CertifyPoint), we are SSAE 16/ ISAE 3402 Type II SOC-2 audited. This is a third-party auditor that evaluates our privacy, logical security and incident responses.


Hosting set up cost of $419.00.

Business-ready $5/user/month or $50/user/year and a free trial.

*      25 GB inbox size

*      5 GB included Drive storage with the option of purchasing addition storage.

o   20 GB $4/month

o   50 GB $7.50/month

o   200 GB $17.50/month

*      Customized email address

*      Unlimited users

*      Productivity tools such as; Video chat, Gmail, calendar, drive, docs., sheets, slide and more

*      Manage user account, applications, security and settings for your company.

Google Apps for Business with Vault $10/user/month

 (Includes all the features above with the following added features)

*      Advanced security and e-discovery features

*      Business-critical data archiving

*      Data retrieval for investigation

*      Company-wide data discovery and export

Both options are available on a month to month, billed at the end of the month, or an annual plan. With the annual plan, a commitment is required and a discount or $4.17 is given; however, a monthly billing option is still available.



*      Hosting, software updates, and data backup included

*      Easy to Customize your website and store on your own

*      Automated inventory management, shipping and calculators, credit card processing and more

*      A website built for your business; your own domain and email name, maps, a catalog page, newsletter and online forms for customers

*      Step-by-step guides and videos.

*      Industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption

*      No commitment and no credit card.


*      $24.98 includes:

o   Domain (

o   Hosting

o   Website design (Log in and update anytime with a built-in editor)

o   Online Payments (Accept online payments instantly with the PayPal plug-in)

o   Shopping cart

o   Email marketing



*      100% customizable website design/templates

*      Your domain name

*      Stats tracker

*      Email addresses

*      Photo album

*      Multimedia downloads

*      Google maps

*      Product catalog

*      Inventory tracker

*      Shopping Cart

*      PayPal

*      No need to download and no software are required.

*      Personal website management

*      No monthly commitment

*      No credit card needed


*      Monthly Hosting $19.98/month

*      Yearly Hosting $16.98/month